Gas is NOT a joke!

If you smell gas please call 911 or your utility provider immediately.

Welcome! Gas lines and inspection work are a serious and potentially dangerous matter. 

We’re here to provide a resource for various gas tests around NYC and we are Task 86/87 Qualified.

Have you received a notice? Do you need an inspection? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t risk getting fines up to $5,000!

We'll start with a simple tip: Always hire a professional to do this work.
Gas disasters happen EVERY day across the country. - NYC Gas Law Information

Your #1 Resource For Gas Laws, Inspections and Notices

Local Law 152 was first introduced in 2016, requiring periodic inspections of gas piping systems for buildings across New York City.

Since then, multiple codes and laws have been introduced that require the inspection of your gas system. These include: local law 152, task 87, tenant move outs, new buildings and more! We’re here to provide information and service to help handle any gas testing you need.

Local Law 152

All gas piping systems will need to undergo periodic inspections in order to determine that they are working up to the highest safety standards set by the government.

National Grid/Con Ed Hazardous Conditions Notice

Have you received the dreaded red tag notice? Don't worry, we're certified in Tasks 86/87 with 3 Master Plumbers on staff. We can assess and make the repairs needed.

Other Notices and Inspections

Need your service restored? We are familiar with all the latest gas safety laws and regulations, and we are here to help you ensure that your home or business is in compliance.